Seni Man Active Guards

for men
Seni Man Active guards designed for men who lead an active lifestyle, and praise comfort and security combined with discretion.

physical condition: mobile

incontinence level: light/moderate

fecal incontinence: no

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product properties

Seni Man Active Guards

Premium Quality Seni Man Active guards are a perfect solution for men in light and moderate incontinence.

  • Side gathers and the special shape of Seni Man Active together with the wide adhesive strip secure the guard to the underwear and help to prevent leakage.
  • Many leaks happen on the side area so the Seni Man Active side gathers ensure extra protection.
  • EDS distributes wetness quickly along the guard and then it is locked in so it reduces coming back of wetness in contact with the skin.
  • They are made of soft vapor permeable materials.
  • To be used with close body fitting underwear for proper performance.
  • They are individually wrapped for your convenience and discretion.
  • Vapor permeable outer layer

    Vapor permeable outer layer

    Helps the skin to breathe easily.

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  • Superabsorbent


    Bonds the odor and moisture.

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  • Hydrophobic standing side gathers

    Hydrophobic standing side gathers

    Provide better protection against side leakages.

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  • Soft and delicate

    Soft and delicate

    Unique softness and delicacy increase the comfort of using.

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  • EDS


    Provides quick and effective absorption.

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  • Anatomical shape

    Anatomical shape

    A perfect fit to the body.

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  • Dermatologically tested

    Dermatologically tested

    Confirms that the product is safe for the skin.

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  • Wide adhesive strip

    Wide adhesive strip

    A simple and secure way to fix a product on the underwear.

packaging information

active guards 11.2" 30 12 S-AC30-PM1

how to put the product on


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