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Seni Shaped Pads Day

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Seni Shaped Pads Day are perfect for active and immobile people, promote skin breathability, are discreet and easy to change.

physical condition: mobile/immobile

incontinence level: moderate

fecal incontinence: no

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product properties

Seni Shaped Pads Day

Premium Shaped Pads Day are perfect for active and immobile people.

  • Designed without the side wings clinging onto the hips provide freedom of movement.
  • The outer layer that is made from soft, vapor permeable fabric helps the skin to breathe easily and assures increased discretion.
  • Perfect for those who can't find proper size among briefs or underwear.
  • Anatomical shape together with standing gathers protect better from leakage.
  • Equipped with double absorbent core and EDS shaped pads have moisture distributed and locked in the core increasing the dryness feeling for the user.
  • The double wetness indicator on the outer layer helps determine when it is time to change the product.

They should be worn with elastic, snug fitting underwear such as Seni Supporting Pants.

  • Vapor permeable outer layer

    Vapor permeable outer layer

    Helps the skin to breathe easily.

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  • Superabsorbent


    Bonds the odor and moisture.

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  • Hydrophobic standing side gathers

    Hydrophobic standing side gathers

    Provide better protection against side leakages.

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  • Soft and delicate

    Soft and delicate

    Unique softness and delicacy increase the comfort of using.

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  • EDS


    Provides quick and effective absorption.

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  • Wetness indicator

    Wetness indicator

    Provides information about the necessity of changing a product.

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  • Anatomical shape

    Anatomical shape

    A perfect fit to the body.

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  • Dermatologically tested

    Dermatologically tested

    Confirms that the product is safe for the skin.

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packaging information

24.6" 30 3 S-UN30-PS1

how to put the product on

Fixing the product on the body while standing – by oneself or with the help of the carer


Fixing the product on a lying person

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