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Did you know that 1 in 8 men experiences bladder leakage? It is possible not only to live with incontinence, but also enjoy the life and every day.

solutions for men with incontinence


A safe and discreet solution in light and moderate urinary incontinence. For people leading an active lifestyle.
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shaped pads

A perfect solution for active and immobile people. Provide freedom of movement.
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Excellent and reliable protection dedicated both for active people and those with limited mobility.
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pull-on underwear

A perfect solution for mobile people, people leading an active lifestyle and during bladder training.
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fecal incontinence

Heavy and very heavy degrees of urine loss are often connected with fecal incontinence. Read about special products for stool leaks.


bed protection

Regardless of the absorbent product one uses, it is recommended to use additional protection, which enables to keep bed and bed linen clean.


choose the right product

You do not know which product will be the best for you? Answer 3 simple questions and you will receive personal diagnostics together with recommended products for individual needs.

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you are not alone

Incontinence doesn't concern only the elderly, but can occur in people of different age and sex. Learn more about male urine loss.

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advice for men

Seni Man Seni Man
Seni Active Seni Active

for active men

Thinking about those men, who want to lead active life in spite of their problem, who value disretion and expect reliable protection.

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Everyday skin care is to keep it clean. In people with dry and prone to irritation skin, all hygienic treatment requires special care products, especially in incontinent people.