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Seni is a brand trusted by millions of people worldwide.

It accompanies inco people and caregivers of chronically ill and disabled people, providing them premium quality absorbent products and skin care solutions.

We run local and international projects which are primarily aimed at education of people in incontinence theme, as well as activation of disabled and dependent ones. We are proud to say that we improve the quality of care.
Everyday skin care is to keep it clean. In people with dry and prone to irritation skin, all hygienic treatment requires special care products, especially in incontinent people.


If you can not determine which absorbent product is the best for you, taking into account your physical condition and a degree of incontinence, use the tool which is called Diagnostics.

Answering 3 simple questions you will get personal recommendation of products that will match your needs.



When a relative becomes ill, a disabled or a sick child is born, or the parents grow old, the issue of providing care arises. Regardless whether the person who needs care is ill, disabled or elderly, and if the carer is the parent, other relative or a professional caregiver, the situation is difficult for the entire family.

We recommend you learning more about caregiving and modern solutions for urinary incontinence and skin care.


for professionals

Specialists are often one of the most important sources of strength and motivation for dependent people to fight with a disease.

Dear Professionals, we want to help you in your work with people with incontinence, which is why we offer a comprehensive information base, a wide range of absorbent and skin care products as well as assistance in improving your skills.


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