Since my husband is wearing them at night no more accidents happen. I do not have to take extra clothing with me in case the pads do not hold. We can recommend them for everybody who is heavily incontinent. They are excellent. My husband will not wear any other brand but these. E.T., Family Caregiver, Florida

As a geriatric care manager I have many clients who are incontinent or experience other urinary issues. Seni products are absolutely AMAZING. My clients and families love them. They allow them to not fear going out and provides a sense of security and comfort. They also prevent any skin breakdown. Until you try them you cannot believe how wonderful they are. They are especially good if a person suffers from some type of dementia and gets agitated if they need changing. Due to the design and absorbency they don’t need changed as often. I never thought I would become so enthusiastic about a incontinence / bladder product but they deserve high praise. You use less products so they are very cost effective. Lacy D., LMSW, Atlanta, Georgia

I am a professional Care Manager, and I have started using the briefs for my own mother who is living with dementia. I am so impressed with the quality and design elements of these products that I am telling all of my clients’ families and other service providers. The briefs help prevent skin issues as they remain dry, and are super absorbent. They don’t leak, and best of all, my mother likes wearing them because they do not make her too hot like other brands do. Her comfort and cleanliness are just as important as her dignity, and the Seni products allow me to provide for all three. Thank you Seni! Lisa, M. Geriatric Care Manager, Atlanta, Georgia

As a geriatric care manager and RN, I find the Seni line of products superior to other brands for my clients’ incontinence needs. They hold an amazing amount and do not leak with proper sizing. Because they do not need to be changed as often, yet keep the skin dry to prevent irritation or breakdown, they end up being cheaper over the long run since clients use less of them per week. My clients are happy, and their caregivers very much appreciate not having to do so many laundry loads and linen changes since everything stays dry. One of my clients recently has not been going out except to doctor’s appointments as she was so scared of having a leak in public; once she tried samples of the Seni Active briefs, she will wear nothing else and is willing to get out. Thank you for a wonderfully designed line of products! Clare S., RN, CMC, Atlanta, GA