Causes of UI in men

The most common causes of urinary incontinence in men are:

Look after yourself!

Since many parts of the body are responsible for the performance of the urinary system, a problem in one may influence the performance of the others. If your particular reason for urinary incontinence is lowered elasticity of the pelvic muscles, then you may be able to improve your condition by performing some simple Kegel exercises.

Visit a doctor!

Many men experience light incontinence. If you ignore the problem, then it may get worse. 

If you experience urinary incontinence, do not hesitate. Consult a doctor to establish what the cause of your problem is in order to cure it. It’s common for men in their fifties to experience asymptomatic prostate enlargement and urine loss can be the only thing that may suggest a change in the lower urinary tract. Pharmacological treatment often brings positive results, however sometimes surgery is necessary.

Learn how to prepare for a doctor’s visit and why it’s worth using Seni Man bladder control guards. You can also read about age-related reduction in testosterone and prostate enlargement - which are the most common problems causing urine loss in men.  

For active men

For active men

Many men with active lifestyles don’t know where to begin when they start experiencing urinary incontinence.


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