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You don’t have to use the most absorbent product at all times. Proper product choice can help you use only the products you actually need, saving you money. 

Daily Routines

A human being lives according to an internal clock. Even when observing a very unorganized individual, you can start to find daily patterns. These include actions such as taking care of one’s physiological needs like going to the bathroom. Urine production is constant, but increases when a person takes fluids; this happens mostly during the day. At night, when the body is resting, urine production decreases. Since the extent of urine production varies during night and day, you can take advantage of this fact when choosing absorbent products.

Through careful observation, one can reveal a certain pattern of characteristics. The pattern is more obvious when a patient follows a certain daily routine. 

The observations can be noted in a urinary diary, which will help to show when a person needs a more absorbent product. A urinary diary helps to work out ways to choose different absorbencies at different times. This is a simple task, yet it makes it possible to reduce the amount spent on absorbent products and laundry.

Absorbency choice in practice

Everyone needs to work out an individual system of choosing different levels of absorbency. These examples may be a useful way to start:

  1. At night, the period between changing products can be quite long. If standard absorbency of a product is not sufficient, try using a product with a higher absorbency. A person using Seni Super during the day might want to use Seni Super Plus at night.
  2. People who practice bladder training do not require highly absorbent products. They do require protection in case they can’t make it to the toilet on time. Therefore, it might be enough for them to use anatomically shaped pads or even bladder control pads (depending on the extent of the incontinence problem).
  3. If a person experiences minor urine loss at night, instead of using highly absorbent briefs, try considering using hygienic pads or guards.

Choosing different absorbencies for different times is worth the effort. Thanks to proper product assessment, it is possible to reduce expenses and save up to 20%

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