Seni Lady vs sanitary pads

Some women don’t know where to begin when they become incontinent and may try to hide their condition or handle it using common household methods. They may try to protect their underwear using products such as traditional, thick sanitary pads. This category of products, however, doesn’t work very well and leaves many problems unaddressed. These issues may include unpleasant smell, leaks, needing frequent changes, and a constant feeling of wetness.

It is better to see a doctor, ask a pharmacist, or talk to a friend for advice. Doing so may result in a better solution such as bladder control pads, which provide comfort throughout the day as well as discretion and security.

Why Seni Lady?

What are the differences between the solutions mentioned above? Why are bladder control pads more efficient when it comes to incontinence? Blood and urine have different consistencies, so the absorbent products for these substances should be different as well.

Notice the difference between ordinary sanitary pads and Seni Lady bladder control pads:


A traditional pad used in UI:

Seni Lady bladder control pad:

smell Does not protect from unpleasant odors. Contains superabsorbent that helps reduce urine odor.
freshness Requires frequent changing due to low absorbency. High absorbency - up to 4x higher than in the case of an ordinary period pad. Helps you stay fresh for longer.
adjustment to the body after exposure to wetness The absorbent core may cluster and the pad may become deformed after exposure to urine. Anatomical shape adjusts to the body and fits well even after the absorbent core is exposed to wetness.
speed and efficiency of absorption/ the feeling of dryness The initial absorption may be quick, but the moisture returns when pressure is applied. The absorption only takes place in the areas where the urine meets the pad. The surface may remain wet and feel unpleasant to the touch. The wetness is distributed over the pad’s surface and into the absorbent core thanks to the EDS distributing nonwoven layer. The absorption is quick and the wetness doesn’t return when pressure is applied so the top layer of the pad stays dry.
skin safety Higher risk of skin irritation due to constant exposure to wetness.

> Vapor permeable back sheet allows the skin to breathe, lessening the risk of skin irritation.

> Made without natural rubber latex, which minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.
additional protection   Hydrophobic standing gathers prevent side leakages.
> Wide adhesive strip securely fixes the pad to the underwear.

If you require reliable, discreet protection in order to feel dry and fresh each day – choose Seni Lady.

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