Seni for teens

Up to a certain age it is natural for children not to have control over their bladder. However, when a teen should already control its physiological functions but can’t do it, this is when things start to get difficult. Teens are reluctant to speak about their problem, they clam up, and the parents don’t really know how to handle it. In such a situation it is necessary to satisfy the teen’s need of support and acceptance, and it’s important to understand the situation the teen is in.

solutions for teens with incontinence

fecal incontinence

Heavy and very heavy degrees of urine loss are often connected with fecal incontinence. Read about special products for stool leaks.


bed protection

Regardless of the absorbent product one uses, it is recommended to use additional protection, which enables to keep bed and bed linen clean.


teen's disability

Looking after a disabled teen is a challenge which one faces day by day. The carer always needs to keep in mind that he or she is looking after a little person, who was not as lucky as other teens, but can’t be deprived of its rights to be loved the way it is.

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bedwetting - what can it mean?

Bedwetting isn’t only a physiological issue. The teen which experiences enuresis becomes more and more frustrated and doesn’t understand what is happening.

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advice for teens and their parents

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