Choosing the right product

Choosing the right product is very important as the user’s comfort will depend on it. First step that needs to be taken is to determine the level of incontinence you are dealing with. The level of incontinence, frequency of urine loss and the level of independency of a given person determine the selection of a pad or a brief.

NOTE! It is often the case that people with incontinence use products which are inadequate to their condition – people with light incontinence use briefs or underwear, which are more expensive, and are dedicated for moderate and heavy incontinence, because a product with higher absorbency gives them a stronger sense of security. It is worth to calculate whether such absorbency choice is really necessary.

Well selected product will not only provide everyday comfort, but will also help to avoid unnecessary costs.

How to determine the necessary absorbency level?

In order to determine that it is best to use the urinary diary, which makes assessing the incontinence level easy.

Before carrying out the calculation it is worth to take the following factors under consideration:

  • the bladder can hold up to 3 cups of urine
  • we feel the urge to urinate mostly when the bladder is filled to 1/3 of its capacity
  • usually we pass about a cup of urine during single bladder voiding
  • it is important to be aware how much fluids one takes
  • we usually excrete about 80% of the liquids (water, soup, tea, juice) we drink
  • the level of mobility of an incontinent person is significant, so is the fact how often such a person makes to the toilet in time.

Below there’s an example of correct product selection based on a properly kept urinary diary based on one day observation.

Calculation: Woman, limited mobility, visits toilet only with the assistance of a caregiver.

volume of fluids taken 45 fl oz
volume of fluids excreted (usually 80% of fluids taken) 80% of 45 fl oz = 36 fl oz
passing urine in the toilet (approx. 7 fl oz during a single visit) 3 times 7 fl oz = 21 fl oz
urinary incontinence 36 fl oz – 21 fl oz (toilet) = 15 fl oz
4–hour average 15 fl oz / 6 = 2.5 fl oz over 4 hours

Suggested product selection:

2.5 fl oz / 4h falls in the “light incontinence” range, so the adequate product should be chosen from light incontinence management line and Seni Lady bladder control pads match the description. In order to make product selection easier we have created a special questionnaire that will help you choose the right product. Go to diagnostics.

Educational material:

Find more how to choose the right product in "Incontinence. Practical information & tops" educational material. You will find there information how to:

  • determine the degree of incontinence
  • choose the proper size
  • apply the product

and when the product should be changed.

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