International Long-Term Care Conference

Since 1998 we have been organizing the International Long Term Care Conference in Torun – regular meetings bringing together leaders in long-term care field working for the chronically ill, disabled and the elderly.

It is the only scientific event in Poland devoted to long-term care, gathering almost a thousand participants from all over the world. Attendees are leaders in their fields and make a sincere and meaningful effort to increase social and government awareness of how important the development of long-term care is to the world -- especially with societies growing older than ever before. Thanks to these industry leaders, more conversation is happening about providing professional help to those in need. Taking part in this professional meeting allows for shared experiences, discussions of the model of long-term care, and the standards of services provided in many different countries around the globe. The International Long-Term Care Conference makes it possible to follow the examples of these leaders and use solutions that bring positive effects to organizations and individuals around the world. The conference takes place annually in September.

Main partners of the event:

People who are interested in taking part in the LTCD are welcomed to visit this website: The Conference