wetness indicatorSeni absorbent products perform very well and there is no need to change them every 2 hours. Typically they can stay in place longer. This always depends on the individual needs of the patient (e.g. products can be used for 4-6 hours; up to 8 hours for products with high absorbency or “night products”).

NOTE: You can provide better care if you ensure comfort, help maintain dignity and not disturb the patient’s sleep when unnecessary.

Wetness indiocatorTo find out what is the proper time to change the soiled product and avoid leakages observe the wetness indicator performance – yellow stripes and/or inscription along the briefs or pads. When the stripes get green/blue and the insription fades, the product is soiled. When 50-80% of wetness indicator has changed the color, it is time to change the product.
The only situation when the absorbent product should be changed immediately – without looking at the indicator – is the release of feces.

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