Choose the Right Size

Correct product selection is not based only on category, but also size.

A poorly fitting product may negatively influence the user’s health and increase their expenses. 

A product that is too small will rub against the skin, creating unpleasant chafing on the waist or groin. This, especially in the bedridden, can develop into bedsores that are difficult to treat.

A product that is too big will not fit closely to the body. This is a common cause of side leakages. The risk of leaks not only decreases comfort, but also leads to the need for more laundering of clothes and bedding.

An oversized product is often chosen because it is thought to be more absorbent, but size is not necessarily proportional to absorbance in every case. The person should choose a product that fits well and has a high absorbency level.

A well fitting product ensures: 

How to choose the right size?

It’s simple - in the case of bladder control pads or anatomically shaped pads, pay attention to the provided absorbency found on the packaging. In the case of briefs and underwear, use this readymade size calculator. This calculator will indicate the required size based on 3 pieces of information you provide. 

You can also use the size chart found on each pack of Seni absorbent products.